What to know about your sewer Easement

A sewer easement is an area where the Authority has the right to enter, maintain, repair, inspect, improve, renovate and replace facilities including pipes and manholes; and to keep clear access through the easement.  A typical sewer easement is 20 ft in width with the sewer line being the center line.  Many of the easements are located in off-street areas.

How homeowners can help our our crews with maintenance:

  • Do not landscape over the tops of manholes.  Burying manholes makes it difficult for our field crew to locate and access the lines in the event of an emergency.
  • Do not plant trees within the easement. The roots tend to follow the sewer line and cause backups.
  • Do not build structures on the easement. This includes fences, buildings, pools, sheds, etc.

Be aware that the Authority may need to replace the line and any item placed on the sewer easement must be removed at the sole cost of the property owner.

As part of our ongoing maintenance program, if you have a manhole in our yard that is deteriorating, overflows during high rain events, or needs adjusted please take a minute to contact our office at 412-384-3686 so we may correct the problem.