• What if my tenant does not pay their sewage bill?

    The property owner is liable to pay the tenant’s unpaid bill for services rendered by the Authority.

  • Why are property owners responsible to pay the sewage bill if their tenant does not pay?

    Sewage is a lienable utility. The bill stays with the property, thus making the property owner responsible for any unpaid sewage bills.

  • How are sewage bills calculated?

    Sewage billing is based on water usage, and calculated by the amount of water used during a monthly billing period. Since the bill is based on water usage, it can vary from month to month.

    Water consumption information is forwarded to Diversified Technology Corp. by the Pennsylvania American Water Company, who is responsible for reading your meter, so that a bill can be generated for EBMA.

    **Please keep in mind that the sewage bill runs approximately one month behind the water bill, so be sure to check the usage/meter reading dates on both the sewage bill and the water bill to be sure that you are comparing the correct billing periods.

  • Why is my sewage bill higher than my water bill?

    Even though your sewage bill is based on water usage, the treatment process differs and costs more. Please make sure that when comparing your water and sewage bills that the billing periods correspond, as the sewage bills run at least one (1) month behind the Pennsylvania American Water Company.

  • Is there a minimum monthly charge for sewage?

    Yes. Whether there is water usage or not, you will receive a bill for the minimum rate.

  • Can I get a deduction on my sewage bill for filling a swimming pool?

    No. The Elizabeth Borough Municipal Authority is not set up to do credits for filling swimming pools. Any water that goes through the water meter is billed for sewage.